ICEB Publication Policy
since 2001

It is ICEB's goal to provide scholars with a platform to publish their research results in conferences and improve the qualities of these papers with a more significant contribution for journal submissions. This is a normal and healthy part of the scientific process. Both the conference review process and the presentation of the study to colleagues help improve this process.

Therefore, it is ICEB's policy that a paper published in ICEB proceedings may be submitted to any journal and that any paper published in ICEB proceedings signifies the author has authorized ICEB to publicly post the paper on the ICEB Home website and other electronic media. Although the author did not sign any copyright release form, it is the author's responsibility to notify ICEB for withdrawing the paper before it is published in the proceedings. Otherwise, the author is responsible to pay for the retraction expenses incurred by the re-typeset and reproduction of the proceedings, and removals from other indexing services.