About ICEB Logo

The ICEB logo was designed by Professor Eldon Y. Li.  It contains five rings, four letters, and a weaving symbol.  The five rings represent the five continents in the world: "Africa","America", "Asia", "Australia", and "Europe"; a concept borrowed from the Olympics flag.  The four letters, "I", "C", "E", and "B", represent the name of our organization, as well as the fields of "Industry", "Computer","Engineering", and "Business".  Finally, the weaving symbol represents the "Net", i.e., Internet, WWW, or private networks.  These together complete the website domain name of our organization, ICEBNet.  It is Professor Li's wish that the whole world would come together in peace to improve our quality of life and the advancement of electronic business in our society.

Click here to download high resolution logo. Permission to use must be granted officially by Prof. Eldon Li at [email protected] in ICEB Home Office.