Submission Guidelines for Special Issue of
Quarterly Journal of Electronic Commerce

Guide for Initial Submission

Please submit your manuscript with a cover letter/e-mail containing the following imperative statements: (Click here for a sample cover letter/e-mail.)

1. Title and the central theme of the article.
2. Which subject/theme of the Journal the material fits.
3. Why the material is important in its field and why the material should be published in this Journal.
4. Nomination of up to four recognized experts who would be considered appropriate to review the submission. Please state (1) the names, title, addresses, phone, fax, and email addresses of these reviewers, (2) the expertise of each reviewer relating to your paper, and (3) your relationship with each of them. An attempt will be made to select at least one of the reviewer nominations.
5. The fact that the manuscript contains original unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere

Note that author name(s) must not appear anywhere else in the manuscript except in the title page and the reference list (if cited). No information can be placed in the properties of the manuscript's electronic file. Inappropriate submissions will be returned to authors. Factors leading to this action include submission with improper or no cover letter, excessive length, technically inappropriate material, single spaced body of text, subject of no interest to readers, manuscripts simultaneously submitted to other publications, and manuscripts not adhering to author guidelines. Non-English speaking author should have his/her paper proofread by a professional technical writer for grammatical and spelling corrections as well as the readability of the paper, before submitting it to the Editor.

A complete submission must include: (1) the cover letter, (2) the title page, and (3) the manuscript without authors' names in three separate MS-Word files. These files should be submitted electronically to :

Dr. Sherriff T.K. Luk
Guest Co-Editor

Copyright.  Most of the provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976 became effective on Jan. 1, 1978.  Therefore, ALL

Items are accepted for publication on the understanding that they are contributed solely to the Quarterly Journal of
Electronic Commerce and have not been or will not be published elsewhere except in abstract form.

Authors will be consulted, when possible, regarding republication of their material.


Retain an extra, exact copy for future reference.  Submit four copies of the complete manuscript.

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the guidelines laid out in Publication Manual of the American Psychological
Association?th ed., Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. 1994.


First page: Title, name of author(s), author(s) footnote, including present position, complete address, telephone number,
fax number, e-mail address, and any acknowledgment of financial or technical assistance.

Second page: Title of paper (without author's name) and a brief abstract of no more than 250 words.

Abstracts of original studies should be organized as follows:

  • Background:     What is the major problem that prompted the study?

  • Objective: What is the purpose of the study?

  • Methods:  How was the study done?

  • Results     What are the most important findings?

  • Conclusion:       What is the single most important conclusion?

  • A list of up to 10 key words should follow the abstract.
  • Next: The text with major headings centered on the page and subheadings flush with the left margin.

    The manuscript should be written clearly and concisely in English.  Authors whose primary language is not English
    should obtain assistance in writing to avoid grammatical problems.

    In studies involving human subjects, a statement describing approval by the Institutional Review Board is required.

    Then: Technical appendices if applicable.

    Followed by: Footnotes numbered consecutively on a separate page.

    Then: Tables, numbered consecutively, each on a separate page. If tables appear in an appendix, they should be
    numbered separately and consecutively, as in Table A1, A2, and so on.  Tables should supplement not duplicate the text.

    Next: Figures, numbered consecutively, each placed on a separate page. As with tables, if figures appear in an appendix,
    they should be numbered separately, as in Figure A1, A2, and so on.

    Last: References, typed double-spaced in alphabetical order by author's last name.


    The procedures guiding the selection of articles for publication in QJEC require that no manuscript be accepted until after
    the editor and at least two reviewers have reviewed it.

    The decision of the editor to publish the manuscript is influenced considerably by the judgments of these reviewers, who
    are experts in their respective fields. The author's name and credentials are removed prior to forwarding a manuscript to
    reviewers to maximize objectivity and ensure that a manuscript is judged solely on the basis of its content and
    contribution to the field.


    All manuscripts are judged on their contributions to the advancement of the science and/or practice of electronic business.
    All articles are expected to follow the rules for scholarly work, namely:


    Although authors are free to prepare the final copy using any word processing software that is IBM compatible,
    submission of the final version in either disk copy or as an e-mail attachment using Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows is
    preferred. Please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing the final version.

    1.      Type everything in upper and lower case letters.

    2.      Footnotes should not be used for reference purposes and should be avoided if possible. If necessary to improve the
            readability of the text, a few footnotes may be included. They should appear double spaced on a separate page and be
            numbered consecutively throughout the text.

    3.      Write the name of the software program used on the disk submitted.