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Published Special Issues/Sections
from ICEB Annual Conferences

  1. Information and Management (I&M), published in regular issues during 2013-2014, Elsevier, The Netherlands. (Special Issue on ICEB 2009)
  2. International Journal of Service Industry Management (IJSIM), Vol. 14, No. 5, 2003, Emerald Group Publishing , UK. (Special Issue Editorial Introduction on ICEB 2002)
  3. Total Quality Management and Business Excellence (TQMBE), Vol. 14, No. 6, Augsut 2003, Taylor & Francis, UK. (Special Issue Editorial Introduction on ICEB 2001)
  4. Journal of Global Information Management (JGIM), Vol. 11, No. 2, April-June 2003, Idea-Group, USA. (Special Issue Editorial Introduction on ICEB 2001)
  5. Quarterly Journal of Electronic Commerce (QJEC), Vol. 3, No. 4, 2002, Information Age Publishing, USA. (Special Issue Editorial Introduction on ICEB 2001)

Leung, J., Cheung, W., & Chu, S. C. (2014). Aligning RFID Applications with Supply Chain Strategies. Information & Management, 51(2), 260-269.
Wang, E. T., Hu, H. F., & Hu, P. J. H. (2013). Examining the role of information technology in cultivating firms' dynamic marketing capabilities. Information & Management, 50(6), 336-343.
Cui, X., & Lai, V. S. (2013). Bidding strategies in online single-unit auctions: Their impact and satisfaction. Information & Management, 50(6), 314-321.

Editorial: From p-services to e-services
Eldon Y. Li; Xiande Zhao
pp. 480 - 482
Internet retail customer loyalty: the mediating role of relational benefits
Hsiu Ju Rebecca Yen; Kevin P Gwinner
pp. 483 - 450
Determinants of user acceptance of Internet banking: an empirical study
Yi-Shun Wang; Yu-Min Wang; Hsin-Hui Lin; Tzung-I Tang
pp. 501 - 519
Characteristics of product/service process and customer needs of geographical accessibility in electronic commerce
Sung-Eui Cho; Kwangtae Park
pp. 520 - 538
E-service: enhancing internal customer service through e-procurement
Simon Croom; Robert Johnston
pp. 539 - 555
A descriptive model of online shopping process: some empirical results
Su-Jane Chen; Tung-Zong Chang
pp. 556 - 569
Cost benefit factor analysis in e-services
Jie Lu; Guangquan Zhang
pp. 570 - 595

Eldon Y. Li, Xiande Zhao 
pp. 639 - 640
The effect of national differences on multinational ERP implementation: an exploratory study
Chwen Sheu, Hsiuju Rebecca Yen, Dennis W. Krumwiede
pp. 641 - 657
Competitive advantage through e-operations
David Barnes, Matthew Hinton, Suzanne Mieczkowska
pp. 659 - 675
Examination of brand knowledge, perceived risk and consumers' intention to adopt an online retailer
Rong Chen, Feng He
pp. 677 - 693
DATQUAL: a prototype e-learning application to support quality management practices in service industries
Rosemary H. Wild, Beverley Hope 
pp. 695 - 713
Strategic analysis of customer relationship management: a field study on hotel enterprises
Yichen Lin, Hwan-Yann Su
pp. 715 - 731
A decision support system for solving quality problems using case-based reasoning
Alireza Lari
pp. 733 - 745

Editorial Preface: International Conference on Electronic Business
Eldon Y. Li, California Polytechnic State University, U.S.A. & Yuan Ze University, Taiwan
Waiman Cheung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
pp. i - ii
An Exploratory Study and Design of Cross-Cultural Impact of Information Systems Managers' Performance, Job Satisfaction and Managerial Value
Hae-Yeon Choi, Savannah State University, USA
Haiwook Choi, Moorehead State University, USA
pp. 1 - 30
Cultural Differences in E-Commerce: A Comparison Between the U.S and China
Qiu Bin, Southeast University, China
Shu-Jen Chen, California State University, USA
pp. 48 - 55
Straight Through Processing Technology in Global Financial Market: Readiness Assessment and Implementation
Jarrad Hee, KPMG Cunsulting, Sydney, Australia
Yining Chen, Ohio University, Ohio, USA
Wayne Huang, Ohio University, Ohio, USA
pp. 56 - 66

Editorial introduction
Eldon Y. Li and Waiman Cheung 
pp. 329 - 330
Where are all the shoppers? E-tailing lessons for the Asia Pacific
Suzan Burton
pp. 331 - 342
E-banking: Where does it come from, what can we expect. A Spanish perspective
Juan Manuel López Zafra
pp. 343 - 356
Electronic marketplace for returned products in the publishing industry? A simulation analysis
Tsan-Ming Choi, Duan Li and Houmin Yan
pp. 357 - 374
A proposed framework for transitioning to an e-business model
Ja-Shen Chen and Russell K.H. Ching
pp. 375 - 390
Benchmarking for design evaluation of corporate web sites - A study
Mamata Jenamani, Pratap K.J. Mohapatra and Sujoy Ghose
pp. 391 - 416
On obstacles to e-business development in Mainland China
Guo-an Wang
pp. 417 - 428