Intention to host ICEB

Dear Colleague

Hosting ICEB annual conference requires an effective and experienced team and proper financial support in your institution. Furthermore, you need to have demonstrated hosting experience for international conference in the past. Please download and carefully review the five documents below.

1. Milestones of hosting the annual conference
2. Conference Schedule
3. ICEB Annual Conference events arrangement
4. Registration Fee Structure
5. Sample Registration Form

Once your institution is ready to apply for the authorization to host, please download and sign the letter here (Intention Letter). Then, please scan and email the signed letter to Prof. Eldon Y. Li at eli[at] for approval of submitting a formal application package. The package should contain:

  1. Introduction to institution,
  2. Milestones of required activities,
  3. Preliminary call for papers,
  4. Conference date,
  5. Conference theme and tracks,
  6. Meeting venue,
  7. Hotel location and pricing,
  8. Conference schedule,
  9. Conference events arrangement,
  10. Registration fee structure,
  11. Sample Registration Form,
  12. Conference budget plan,
  13. Visa information,
  14. Airport transportation information,
  15. Industry tours,
  16. Local culatrual attractions,
  17. Local support facilities,
  18. Conference team structure,
  19. Conference committees,
  20. Why your team should be authorized?
During the conference, you need to provide registration package containing a Program Book (containing session schedules and abstracts), a name badge, and a formal registration receipt, as well as an USB containing all the registered papers. Please note that the Conference Submission System and the Proceedings Book are the only two items handled by the home office under the guidance of Prof. Eldon Y. Li.

As ICEB Board prefers to authorize its annual conferences to known ICEB members. Institutions interested in hosting ICEB should send their research groups to participate in the conference during the prior few years. Furthermore, the locations of conferences rotate around different regions. Please contact me to know the forthcoming conferences. Normally, a conference is authorized at least two years prior to the time it is held.

On behalf of the ICEB Board, I cordially invite your institution to host the future conferences. But, please apply early. I look forward to receiving your intention letters and application packages.

Sincerely yours,
Eldon Y. Li
ICEB Honorary President