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Proceedings of the 19th
International Conference on Electronic Business
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, December 8-12, 2019.


Theme: Artificial Intelligence Empowered Business Processes


Edited by
Eldon Y. Li
Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan & Tongji University, China
  Honglei Li
Northumbria University at Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K.

ISSN: 1683-0040


Table of Contents


Full Proceedings Book (573 pages)

Proceedings Book Cover


Eldon Y. Li, Honglei Li


PART 1: Full Research Papers

1.   A sentiment analysis of peer to peer energy trading topics from Twitter
Shan Shan*, Honglei Li, Yulei Li


2.   A switch on electronic commerce mobile payment: From traditional queuing to elastic request as a payment service based on the edge computing model
Hongbin Shen*, Bichuan Shen, Yu Xiong, Penghao Ye


3.   An examination of barriers to the adoption of smart living services: A case study of the Al-Madinah Region Development Authority
Fayez Alharbi*, John McAvoy, Simon Woodworth


4.   An introduction to smart city research: A review of the past and the future
Laddaawan Kaewkitipong*


5.   Analysis of the interactive strategy of microblog for snack food enterprises
Hongxing Lan, Lai Xue, Yangyang Long, Zhiyi Meng, Xu Zu*


6.   Application status and development suggestions of Internet personal credit investigation city
Liuyang Li*, Jin Chen


7.   Artificial intelligence and business management: A scientometric analysis using CiteSpace
Rui Qiu, Shuhua Hou*, Zhiyi Meng


8.   Assessing a business software application using strategic IT alignment factors: A new way for IS evaluation?
Steve Berberat*, Cédric Baudet


9.   Case study: Cainiao and leading sustainability packaging in China
Benjamin Yen*, Grace Wong


10.   Consortium blockchain for secure and privacy-preserving in e-government systems
Noe Elisa*, Longzhi Yang, Honglei Li, Fei Chao, Nitin Naik


11.  Constructing an emergency intelligence system: A multi-level framework
Hua Guo*, Haiwei Zhou, Eldon Y. Li


12.  Consumer brand post engagement on Facebook and Instagram – A study of three interior design brands
Niklas Eriksson*, Annette Sjöberg, Carl-Johan Rosenbröijer, Asle Fagerstrøm


13.  Consumer satisfaction and repurchase intention from cross-border e-commerce: A trust-risk-based study
Natthakorn Khayaiyam*


14.  Design memory protection based on embedded operating system with focus on PicoBlaze soft controller
Kaishan Huang, Xi Song*, Chen Jia


15.  Digital business strategy: An empirical analysis of mission statement content and financial performance
Fotis Kitsios*, Timoleon Delimpasis, Maria Kamariotou


16.  Digital transformation through enterprise systems: A variance model linking the drivers of business value and the value created from enterprise systems
Prithvi Bhattacharya*


17.  Discussion on the live broadcast of social media and e-commerce
Kailin Hsu*


18.  Eco-system oriented instrument for measuring firm technology adoption
Joshua Kofi Doe*, Rogier Van de Wetering, Ben Honyenuga, Johan Versendaal


19.  Effects of gamification elements on crowdsourcing participation: The mediating role of justice perceptions
Jiaxiong Weng, Huimin Xie*, Yuanyue Feng, Ruoqing Wang, Yi Ye, Peiying Huang, Xizhi Zheng


20.  Empirical insights into the benefit from implementing smart contracts
Rainer Schmidt*, Michael Möhring, Barbara Keller, Fabian Fuchs, Andreas Kochsiek, Florian Völkel


21.  Evaluating it alignment and performance in SMEs using multivariate regression analysis
Maria Kamariotou*, Fotis Kitsios


22.  Finding product problems from online reviews based on BERT-CRF model
Yusheng Mao*, Liyi Zhang, Yiran Li


23.  Implementing Industry 4.0: Exploring the literature in a systematic way using text mining
Hamed Nayernia*, Savvas Papagiannidis, Hanna Bahemia


24.  Improving attribute classification with imperfect pairwise constraints
Zequn Li*, Honglei Li, Ling Shao


25.  Investigating the key factor of personal brand in e-commerce - A case study of "myhomes"
Jiann-Horng Chen*, Sheng-Hao Tsao, Jiin-Tian Chyou


26.  Knowledge seeking: The new horizon on knowledge management
Han Lai, Honglei Li, Ruxian Yao*, Jin Guo


27.  Modelling management consulting in India: Towards management consulting theory
Rohit Ramanujam, John Hamilton, Singwhat Tee*, Michael Underdown


28.  Motives to play a mobile location-based augmented-reality game of non-adopters: The case of Pokémon Go
Mathupayas Thongmak*


29.  Realization path of intelligent logistics in the era of new retail
Mingxuan Zheng, Lijun Xu*, Yaqin Dou


30.  Research and prediction on the sharing of WeChat official accounts' articles
Bo Yang, Junlin Tang*, Xi Ma, Yawen Chang, Huayang She


31.  Research on application of Kansei image of culture in big data of product design
Min Shi, Lijun Xu*


32.  Research on health service system of smart communities for older adults
Xiaoting Xu*, Mengqing Yang, Qinghua Zhu


33.  Research on influencing factors of information dissemination of WeChat public accounts based on FSIPS two-stage model
Bo Yang, Xinrui Zhang*, Rong Zhang, Lilong Zhang, Ziyi Liang, Lingling Wang


34.  Research on operation mode and risk prevention of B2B supply chain finance
Qiming Zheng, Yaqin Dou*, Yisheng Wu, Yide Shi


35.  Research on the influencing factors in college students' entrepreneurship and innovation intention-base on the information exchange
Zhuoya Xiao, Xin Huang*, Xiaowen Huang


36.  Research on the innovative application of digital supply chain finance in private science and technology enterprises in China
Yaqin Dou*, Mingxuan Zheng*, Xin Gao


37.  Research review on artificial intelligence technology to provide design of man-machine interaction in industry and product design
Lijun Xu*, Shengfeng Qin, Peng Wang, Xiang Chen


38.  Social commerce: Chanting the experience of shoppers in a developing country
Yurita Yakimin Abdul Talib*, Fariza Hanim Rusly


39.  Supplier concentration, ownership type and trade credit financing: Based on the empirical evidence of manufacturing industry listed companies in China
Yaqin Dou*, Qiming Zheng, Xinfeng Dou, Sijia Chen


40.  Survival in the digital age – A framework for formulating a digital transformation strategy in SME
Johannes Trenkle*


41.  The influencing factors on consumers' purchase intention under the cross-border e-commerce platforms
Zhen Qin*, Yan Ni, Lanwei Zhao


42.  The more you know, the more you buy? Knowledge, and engagement drive luxury purchasing
Chi Hsien Kuo, Shinya Nagasawa*


43.  Tourist wildlife consumption qualitative considerations: Sabah, Malaysia
Fiffy Saikim, John Hamilton*, Singwhat Tee


44.  Two-sided e-market platform: A case study of cross border e-commerce between Thailand and China
Peter Ractham*, Ruth Banomyong, Apichat Sopadang


45.  Virtual world platforms end-user motives
Mohamed Nazir*, John Hamilton, Singwhat Tee


46.  Wildlife tourist consumption in Sabah Malaysia: A SEM path model approach
John Hamilton*, Fiffy Hanisdah Binti Saikim, Singwhat Tee, Michael Underdown


PART 2: Work-in-Progress Papers

47.  A conceptual framework for data property protection based on blockchain
Qian Li, Meng Xu, Miao Fang, Meng Yang, Yue Guo*


48.  A hybrid travel recommender system for the group tourists
Wei Liu*, Ran Liu


49.  An investigation on innovation barriers in manufacturing firms
A.B.M Munibur Rahman, Yuanjian Qin, A.S.M. Towhid*


50.  Application analyses of visual information processing techniques in e-commerce
Xuefang Zhu*


51.  Factors affecting continuance intention of mobile government services
Thamer Alshammari*, Chris Messom, Yen Cheung


52.  Going digital: SMEs based food e-commerce engaging customer through customer needs-driven
Hesty Nurul Utami*, Eleftherios Alamanos, Sharron Kuznesof


53.  Just ticking the box: A social informatics model of the consequences of consent
David Jamieson*, Rob Wilson, Mike Martin


54.  Sentiment analysis of tourism reviews: An exploratory study based on CNNS built on LSTM model
Jinfeng Gao*, Ruxian Yao, Han Lai, Haitao Wu


55.  The dynamics of funding behaviors in reward-based crowdfunding projects
Zhuolan Bao*, Yuxing Yang, Michael Chau


56.  Understanding the turnover intention of crowd workers of microtask crowdsourcing platform
Yang Lei*, Xiling Cui, Weiman Cheung


57.  What drives customer satisfaction and well-being in ridesharing? A developing country perspective
Aijaz Shaikh*, Heikki Karjaluoto, Francisco Liébana-Cabanillas


58.  What kind of answer will be better: Exploring the features of high-quality answer contents in social Q&A community
Junpeng Shi*, Hongzhou Shen, Qiaohui Ma


PART 3: Abstracts

59.  Automatic help system with voice input for passengers of drop taxi
Qiaojuan Huang*, Xudong Luo


60.  Comparative study of business models of ridesharing platforms in Lithuania
Elena Vitkauskaite*, Eglė Vaičiukynaitė


61.  Developmental problems of current cross border e-commerce companies and countermeasures
Tzushan Tseng*


62.  Longitudinal analysis of economic clusters: A novel methodology and application of UK regions
Iyiola E. Olatunji, Wing Kuen Eric See-To, Savvas Papagiannidis*


63.  Marketing strategy of organic agricultural products on e-commerce platforms
Tongyu Xiao, Chong Guan, Wenting Liu*



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Reference to this book should be made as follows: Li, E.Y. & Li, H.L. Eds. (2019). Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Electronic Business (ISSN: 1683-0040). ICEB'19, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, December 8-12, 573 pages.